Cincinnati Art Museum Reopens With New Additions

Cincinnati Art Museum Reopens With New Additions

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CINCINNATI, Ohio — The Cincinnati Art Museum was closed for almost four months, but now that it’s open, there’s a whole lot more to explore. The Art Climb is one of the museum’s newest attractions.

What You Need To Know

  • Cincinnati Art Museum is now open
  • The Art Climb is one of the museum’s newest attractions
  • The Art Climb is nine stories high with 164 steps and will have sculptures on display
  • The museum is also revamping its parking lot and creating an ADA-accessible path

At the corner of Eden Park Drive and Gilbert Avenue is where you’ll find this new structure. It’s nine stories tall, with 164 steps and four art plazas. 

“Right now, it’s great to hang out with your friends and family and out for a workout,” said Kaitlyn Sharo, Cincinnati Art Museum marketing and communications director. “But now you‘ll be able to view some artwork — some larger pieces that aren’t necessarily able to be accommodated inside the museum but with this outdoor area we can have those pieces here.”

The sculptures on display will be provided by Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park. These pieces are a part of the museum’s phase two of construction, A remodeled parking lot with an ADA-accessible path will also be included.

“We know people have been frustrated in the past with parking here, so we’re hoping to just add to visitor’s experience and make sure that they have a great time,” said Sharo.

Phase Two is expected to be completed by mid-November. In addition to that, the museum is featuring some new exhibits. Right now, you can check out the “Women Breaking Boundaries” exhibition.

And in September, there will be the Hank Willis Thomas exhibit called “All Things Being Equal,” which will focus on social change.

“We understand that it’s the right time to do something like this, and we just hope that the community will join us and gather together and reflect what’s going on,” she said.

With these all these new exhibits and attractions, the museum hopes to further its mission of connecting communities across Cincinnati. 

“Our goal is to be a hub for conversation so that everyone can feel comfortable when they come here- come together, gather together, reflect on the artwork, reflect on what’s going on during the current times and place to be together,” said said.

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