How Ohio Fairs are Adapting During the Pandemic

How Ohio Fairs are Adapting During the Pandemic

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MARYSVILLE, Ohio — It’s the 174th Union County Fair, but like others around the state, things look a lot different this year.

What You Need To Know

  • Union County Fair opened same week Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced stricter fair guidelines
  • They said they had already planned on just hosting the junior 
  • Animals aren’t allowed on the grounds for more than 48 hours to ensure social distancing
  • The fair is operating at 50 percent its capacity

“We have been working since the end of April, and it has been a constant daily job,” said Fair Director Michelle Kuhlwein.

And all of the months of planning have paid off.

“Three days before we opened the fair, the governor called a special conference just with the fairs, and we got on that call. … We said, “Oh no, what’s going to happen?” explained Kuhlwein.

Though Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced stricter fair guidelines, Secretary Treasurer Angie Grose said the group had already decided to only host the junior fair.

“All that work up front, we were like, oh man, we’re going to have to get rid of everything,” Grose said. “But then we we’re like, no, we’re here for the youth—this is what we want to do.”

She said the group is taking other safety precautions, too.

“We are supposed to be at 50 percent (capacity.) We did go through and mark off every other row in the bleachers … about six feet apart.”

Even the animals have special regulations this year.

“So no species except for the horses have been on the grounds for more than 24 (to) 48 hours.The reason being that helps with social distancing because the barns can get really crowded.”

And as for how fairgoers are taking the changes:

“The majority of our people wanted to be here for the kids so we really haven’t had a lot of issues. I would say 95 percent of the people that have come on here have been compliant,” said Kuhlwein.

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