More than 100 Motorcyclists Show Up for Ride For Peace

More than 100 Motorcyclists Show Up for Ride For Peace

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CINCINNATI, Ohio — After a difficult year and increased violence in the Cincinnati area, a group of motorcyclists came together to thank all first responders and health care workers. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Ride for Peace helps promote and end to gun violence in Cincinnati
  • Over a hundred motorcyclists participated in the largest ride yet
  • With so much going on in the country, the ride means more now than ever before
  • The ride went past every area hospital, police and fire station

​Over a hundred motorcyclists left UC’s campus Sunday afternoon to express their gratitude to first responders across the region.

“We’re going to ride by all of the different hospitals, by the police stations, by the fire departments and just salute and tell them thank you,” Mitchell Morris, an organizer with the Cincinnati Works Phoenix Program said. “We appreciate what you’re doing. You know, we’re losing so many folks to gun violence and I’m glad to have so many people in place to try and rescue them after being shot.”

The Ride for Peace started six years ago in an attempt to end gun violence in Cincinnati. And this year, more people are participating than ever. With so much going on across the country, the ride is taking on new meaning.

“It’s been a lot going on this year with the virus and we still have a lot of people dying in the streets,” Morris said. “We need people to know the hospital workers and the police and the fire rescue are doing a great job.”

For riders like Brandyn Ward, it’s a gratifying experience seeing so many people come to support each year.

“Just seeing the different people come out to support that and help me support that and help Mitch Morris support that, it brings a lot of joy to me,” Ward said.

Cincinnati Police led the ride, showing just how important it is for the community to work together. That’s what organizers and riders hope is the main message to fellow Cincinnatians.

“Everybody’s together,” Ward said. “We are one. We are together. We try to tell them to stop the violence.”

“No matter what shirt you have on, we’ve got to love and care about each other,” Morris said. “We all got to work together to stop this issue.”

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