Single Mother Of 5 Receives Transitional Home Through Maslow’s Army

Single Mother Of 5 Receives Transitional Home Through Maslow’s Army

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CINCINNATI, Ohio– As Dystinie Snapp works at her new job as a front desk manager at the Microtel in Florence Kentucky, you wouldn’t be able to tell just how much she’s been through in the past few months.

What You Need To Know

  • After losing her job and home due to the pandemic, Dystinie Snapp and her five kids are moving into a temporary living situation in Cincinnati
  • The transitional home is a part of a pilot program by Maslow’s Army
  • Maslow’s Army assists the homeless population in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to find temporary housing
  • During the pandemic, Maslow’s Army has assisted 261 people find housing

“I lost my job,” Snapp said. “COVID cut the hours all the way down and then daycares closed, schools closed. So even if I could go find another job, there was no one to watch my kids.”

Forced out of her home, Dystinie and her five kids, Michael, Matthew, Dayana, Carmella, and Devonte, all ended up moving into the Microtel.

“I was in the hotel for three months, which was difficult,” she said. “Five kids in one room smaller than this. It was not fun. Kind of felt like jail a little more, and I felt like I failed them.”

But through the help of both the management staff at the Microtel, who gave Dystinie a job and a recent promotion to manager, and a huge lift from Maslow’s Army, Dystinie and her family is moved out of the hotel and into a temporary housing situation in Cincinnati.

Having a home allows the kids to be kids again and have pets.

Through Maslow’s Army and generous donations, Dystinie has received a car, a home, beds, and even furniture — making her forever grateful for all the help she’s received.

“All the people at the Microtel, they’re like my second family,” she said. “Even the guests there. The people with the Maslow’s Army, they all support me. They all got my back. I didn’t have that three months ago when I lost everything.”

To make things even sweeter, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Maslow’s Army Sam Landis added one more surprise for Snapp. 

“Maslow’s Army will be responsible for the utilities and all payments, that’s what we’re offering you — free — one hundred percent,” Landis said.

Covering the utilities and rent will allow Snapp to save money over the next three months to find a permanent housing situation.

Brian Garry, Chief Advisor for Maslow’s Army, said there is no better feeling than helping those in need.

“It gives our life meaning to help other people, and it brings joy to our heart to help destiny and her five beautiful children,” Garry said. “I’m getting goosebumps right now just talking about it.”

Maslow’s Army is a non-profit organization serving the homeless population. Since the pandemic began, they’ve helped 261 people with housing assistance.

Dystinie and her kids can’t thank them enough.

“With no judgment, no nothing,” she said. “Just helped me get back on my feet. I’m really blessed, I’m really grateful for everything.”

If you would like to help Maslow’s Army assist other homeless families, you can donate to their efforts by visiting here. 

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